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Wow. Another weekend already!

We don't know how but here we are!

Thank you to all of you for keeping us going so far, Its been great!

From the giggles of seeing how much hair you have produced over lockdown 3, the sheer roots that have been exposed for all their glory, to being greeted with the happiest of faces (eyes!) when we open the door to welcome you back, it's been amazing!

Now. We eat, drink, be merry... then sleep till Tuesday!

Team HQ, over and out 🤟

If you would like to book an appointment before we are back to it, we do have our online booking system available at all times of the day/night for cutting services, just click the link below and follow the simple steps, we promise its easy:

For any queries please click the link below which should cover everything you need to know:

Happy Weekend Y'all!

🍹What's your favourite cocktail?🍹

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