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Well that felt like forever........The world is a different place but people still need to feel on top of it and we're here to help.

Our doors, phone lines and on online booking will all be open and active from JULY 7TH.

We will not be able to take any bookings through email or social media as these methods take up far more time and we need to work as efficiently as possible so we can get you all back to your beautiful selves.

As of next week we will be contacting all the clients that we cancelled who were booked for an appointment in the first 3 weeks of lockdown in the order we canceled them to get them booked back in before the phone lines are open. If you were in this 3 weeks await our call. Don't worry we won't miss you out as we have taken photos of every day.

Now we have the government guidelines, next week will be spent training our amazing team and preparing the salon for everyone to have as safe an experience as possible.

We will be having fun but the salon will be a different place than it was with vulnerable slots and over 16's only we will be doing everything we can to reduce risk and people in the building while getting through everyone as quickly as we can.

A full list of rules we need you to abide by and ways you can help will arrive on Monday so eyes peeled. Please bear with us and be patient as this is a strange old situation and we are doing the best we can to be as fair to as many people as we can.

But until then, grab a beverage, safe in the knowledge that you are one step closer to being you.

Rae, Tom & the HQ Team

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