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With over 140 days of lockdown in 2020, the hair & beauty industry has been one of the worst affected sectors.

In a recent sector survey, it showed hair & beauty businesses saw an average loss in turnover of 45% in 2020, and as much as 57% in some regions.

As most of you may will have seen since revisiting us post covid, social distancing measures mean that even when open they are operating at around a 50-60% capacity.

When our industry reopens, a temporary cut in VAT to 5% would help businesses recoup their losses and recover. It would also help account for the loss of earnings from implementing the close contact guidance requirements. Only 18% of businesses that would otherwise fail would need to survive for this policy to pay for itself.

Please, if you are a salon owner or manager and haven't already done so, head over to and join us in this absolutely nessesary compaign. Even if you aren't feeling the pain of vat yet, you may in months to come. Get that letter written and sent off before we miss this chance to be heard.

It's super simple to do. Not good with words? Don't fret - All you need to do is download the free template letter from Save Our Salons and add your personal touches, email it off and then print a copy to send manually to your local MP.


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