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To all of our human stalkers that visit Rae for your tresses / animal talk / coffee and some sillyness / god knows what else..

Most of you will be aware that she will be taking a short amount of time out of the salon soon, but you have been left on a cliff hanger as to what date this will be from! That date has now arrived, and Rae will be paused from the 21st of Februrary.

She will be aiming to be back to it within 4 weeks of this date, but for now her diary will be limited for rebookings in order to manage this with as little 'fall out' as possible.

We will check in with you all around the 1st week of March when we can better assess everything.

Thank you for your patience during this little siesta of hers, she will be back in no time, we'll crack that whip out too!

If you are a regular of Rae's and would like to jump in to see her before she goes, there are still some appointment slots available, you can either give us a call on 01606 330 879 to go through availability with you, or you can check and book yourself in online here:

*Please note that you cannot book for colour online*

If you can't get in before she goes, give us a call and we will get Rae to recommend which Quirker will be best suited for your do, and she will leave some notes for them ahead of your visit to help. All Quirkers will have access to your colour notes too, so you don't need to feel worried whilst you are visiting during her time off.

As always, if you have any concerns, get in touch!

Peace Out ✌

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