P L E A S E ⚫ R E A D

Hello Quirk Fans

As you are all probably already aware, we have to close those big old doors once again. We are very sorry to those of you who were so excited to get yourselves down here and didn't quite manage to make the cut.

Im sure you all have questions about appointments so we'll get straight down to it once more, with what we know so far.


We have temporarily disabled the online booking system. We will be putting this back online once we have heard the news about when we can reopen, and when we feel we have a handle on things again after the re-opening rush.


Unfortunately, any appointments as of tomorrow that fall within the tier 4 restrictions will be cancelled. We obviously do not know how many of you will be affected by this due to there being no end date just yet sadly, but we will email you all as soon as we know more information.

We are very sorry that we cannot honour any bookings that are being affected, but as you can imagine this is a very difficult situation for us.

If we do not have your email or you have changed your email address and you would like to be kept in the know, please send us a message or email us through the website and we will update your details.

Thankyou to each and every one of you for all of your support so far, and for being amazing to the team during this mental year. We value you all hugely and we will all pull through this!

Stay Sane,

Rae, Tom & The HQ Team 💜

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