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When they're gone, they're gone baby!

We have been rumaging around in the cupboards and having a sorting through a couple of things..

Which means, that bargain bucket is now brimming with.... (drum roll please) 🥁


Yup, we have had quite the collection build up over the last 5years and we have had to make some cuts to the ones we have outgrown.

So have a ponder over the list below to see what treasures are on sale - everything that bucket beholds is £6.

Have any questions on how to use Manic Panic?

Curious as to what colours are in the basket?

No problemo - ask away!

*Direct Dye - This hair colour works best over pre-lightened hair, and is applied neat, straight from the tub!

#BargainBucket #VividHairColourSale #DirectDye #Vegan #SpruceUpTheFro #HairMusicMischief

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