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Just like that.

It's been a minute. Well, 151, 200 minutes, if we are to be exact here.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who has shown us support, sent kind messages, stepped back to give us the space we needed to get to this point, and stuck with us until we re-opened.

The time has finally arrived! It has been quite the tricky situation to navigate, but we are all super excited to get back to it, and more importantly, get some much needed style, coffee, and good tunes back in to your lives.

The phone lines and online booking are open at 9am on the 13th of April (Tomorrow).

Please, as always, be kind and patient to the M.O.T.H as he attempts what seems like an impossible task on that phone tomorrow. He is under a lot of pressure, and will do his best for you, but he may struggle to give you your preferred appointment date.

If you are booking a cut service, and not colour, your quickest option will be to use or easy to use online booking system, as the phone lines may take a while to get through on. It will give you the exact same availability to choose from that the Moth has.

PHONE - 01606 330 879 


Unfortunately we will not be taking any bookings over email/messages/social media due to it being so inefficient and having such a huge number of people to get through. Please be understanding of this as we try to keep things clean, controlled, and fair. We want to maintain a high level of professionalism, and this is the only way we can see us doing so.

For answers to any further questions on how the everything is running in the salon, what we are and are not doing, covid 19, or anything appointment wise, please click here as everything should be covered:

Please be mindful that due to the volume of extra colour slapping, and sheep shearing that will be happening due the amount of time it has been since we last saw you all, we will be doing our absolute best to run to time. Please, try to be patient with us.

We are are under a lot of pressure, and due to the social distancing restrictions still in place, plus the responsibility to fully sanitise between appointments, delays are inevitable for getting you in the hot seat. We will monitor this and try to keep these delays to a minimum.

That's it, we're armoured up, fuelled with caffeine, batteries fully charged, possibly a little more crazier than normal, but we're ready to be reintroduced to the outside world..

let's do this!

It's good to welcome you back 🙏

Tom, Rae & The HQ Team

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